Hear what our clients have to say

Handyman jobs we’ve done in Maida Vale:

“A really good job with my kitchen cupboards, the woodwork is great, amazing service.”

John Tegan

Bespoke carpentry

Clean and prompt painting of our windows frame. The handyman came on time, he was polite and friendly and the job was done perfectly. Cheers!

Chelsea Stone

Frame painting

“There was a paint job in our kitchen that I haven’t had the time to take care of and our guys managed to do it in just a day! Very professional service, I’ll be sure to call you again.”

Josef Perk

Kitchen painting

Thank you for the lighting switch installation. All switches are perfect and the electrician did it in a jeepney.

Teresa B. Beedle

Lighting switch repair

I hired your handyman company online because I needed help with the repairing of my fence. I am a lucky guy, because giving you a call worth the risk. Thank you for your service and continue the good work!

Ella Knowles

Fence repair

All tiles look great, grouting is wonderful, faucets are up and ready, great job. Would recommend.

Tom J. Harper

Bathroom refurbishment